Ancillary Event Guidelines

To enhance the networking opportunities for ABRF Annual Meeting attendees, we encourage ancillary meetings/events to be held by the vendors at nearby locations. In doing so we will provide them with the following Ancillary Meeting and Events Policy:

We encourage our corporate partners and supporters to interact with our delegates throughout the Annual Meeting, and to create additional interaction opportunities via ancillary meetings/events.  Please note that ancillary meetings and events may not conflict with any ABRF session, and must take place outside of the ABRF Annual Meeting program schedule.  We request that all ancillary meetings or events held in association with the ABRF Annual Meeting and Exhibits be communicated to ABRF.  

When organizing an ancillary meeting or event please contact the ABRF Meeting Committee Chair at and include the following information:  1) your contact information, 2) the date and time of the meeting or event, and 3) a brief description of the purpose and objectives of the ancillary meeting or event.

Note:  ABRF contracts much of the meeting space at a conference center.  You may be charged for a room rental fee and meeting room set-up fee depending your event details. If you are interested in contracting space at the conference venue, please feel free to reach out to the ABRF office at