(SW2) Mentoring and Leadership for ABRF Membership and Corporate Sponsors


(SW2) Mentoring Skills for ABRF members and Corporate Partners


Mentoring is a powerful tool for career development across disciplines and industries. Whether conducted informally between individuals, or as part of formal academic or workplace initiatives, skilled mentoring has a range of benefits for both the Mentee and the Mentee’s workplace and profession. It is also frequently a satisfying personal endeavor for the Mentor.

At its best, mentoring creates more capable employees, increases career satisfaction, and develops tomorrow’s leaders. In addition, these programs can add significantly to employee retention, and are often implemented by many of the most highly regarded employers. Whether your organization is considering a mentoring program, or you’d like to learn more about how to make the most of the Mentoring experience, this workshop will provide valuable insights and examples for you.

In this full-day program, guided by a recognized leader in the mentoring field, you’ll develop skills that underlie effective mentoring in whatever field you work. Regardless of your career stage or goals, whether you are a core facility employee, an administrator, or work for our technology partners, join us to learn more about the benefits of mentoring, and how to be a better Mentor/Mentee.

  • Luellen Fletcher (Organizer)
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    University of Pennsylvania