Program Schedule

Friday 22nd
Saturday 23rd
Room 212B
Bob Garvey
  • (SW2) Mentoring Skills for ABRF members and Corporate Partners
    Luellen Fletcher (Organizer)
Room 212A
Benjamin Neely, Mukul Midha, Pratik Jagtap, Joanna Kirkpatrick, Kara West, Sira Echevarría-Zomeño, Jacob Lippincott, Susan Weintraub, Katherine Tran, Baozhen Shan
  • (SW1) Data Independent Acquisition in Practice: Foundations and Resources for Implementing DIA
    Benjamin Neely, Joanna Kirkpatrick, Mukul Midha, Paul Stemmer, LeRoy Martin, Yan Wang, Laura Herring, Brett Phinney, Baozhen Shan, Allis Chien, Pratik Jagtap
  • iPRG 2019 Metaproteomics Study
    Darryl L. Davis, Magnus Palmblad, Susan T. Weintraub
Room 216
Mark Sanders, Jeffrey Salisbury
  • Serial Block Face SEM Service
    Jeffrey L. Salisbury, Mark Sanders, Jon Charlesworth, Trace Christensen, Adam Jaspersen
Room 213B
Thomas McHugh, Hamid Khoja, Katie Hoadley, Bill LaFramboise
  • Whole Exome Sequencing analysis of Archival Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue (FFPE): comparison of different library preparation methods
    Prashant Kumar Singh
  • Active organic solvent-free paraffin removal is the key to standardizing extraction of biomolecules from FFPE tissues
    Hamid Khoja
  • FFPE Sequencing and Bioinformatics
    Katherine A. Hoadley
Room 213A
Jay W. Fox, Robert Carnahan, Elizabeth Sinclair, Thomas McHugh
  • Lean Tools for Enhanced Core Management
    Jay W Fox, Rob Carnahan, Thomas McHugh, Elizabeth Sinclair
Room 214ABC
Christopher Mason, Ron Niece
  • Journey to Now - The Origins of ABRF
    Ronald Niece
Sunday 24th
Room 208
Room 214ABC
Michael Snyder, PhD Professor and Chair of Genetics
Room 213AB
Michelle Itano, Christopher Gilpin, Guillermo Marqués, Paula Montero Llopis
  • Challenges of Establishing a new imaging facility: The floating core diaries
    Paula Montero-Llopis
  • Steps towards providing mouse behavior analysis across multiple core facilities
    Michelle S. Itano
  • Serial block face imaging
    Christopher J Gilpin Sharon A Kessler
Room 214ABC
Stuart Levine, Krish Karuturi, Julie Dragon, Kristopher Kubow
  • GBIRG bioinformatics core survey highlights the challenges facing data analysis facilities.
    Julie Dragon, John Hutchin, Alberton Riva, Matthew Lee Settles, Shannon Ho Sui, Jyothi Thimmapuram, Stuart Levine
  • Miniaturization of Illumina library preparation for high throughput, plate-based next generation sequencing studies
    Stuart Levine
  • JAX survey of bioinformatics and datascience cores revealed 'collaborative and embedded' model is rare but a desirable path forward
    Krishna Karuturi
Room 212AB
Justine Karungi Kigenyi, Julie Auger, Katherine Hale , Isabelle Girard , Sheenah Mische , Susan Meyn, Tom McHugh, Heather Richards, Andrew Vinard, Mary Winn, Jeff Weiss, Paula Abercrombie, Susan Constable
  • Embracing Error: using a systems approach to improve workflow and workplace
    Isabelle Girard
  • Research Community Action Post FASEB Report on Maximizing the Value of Shared Research Resources
    Justine Karungi Kigenyi, Julie Auger, Katherine Hale Stemke, Isabelle Girard , Tom Hugh, Susan Meyn, Mary Winn, Andrew Vinard, Heather Richards, Sheenah Mische
Room 213AB
Peter Lopez, Nicole Poulton, Hans Minderman
  • Imaging Flow Cytometry for Phytoplankton Analysis: Instrumentation and Applications
    Nicole J Poulton
  • Imaging in flow in the 70’s—The “Correlation System”
    Peter Lopez
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization and nuclear translocation events quantified by imaging flow cytometry
    Hans Minderman
Room 214ABC
Roham Razaghi, Christopher Mason, Fiona Stewart
  • Platinum Sponsor Talk: New Options for Methylome Analysis and RNA Depletion
    Fiona Stewart
  • Methods and Tools for MeRIP-seq and nanopore detection of m6A(m) changes
    Christopher E. Mason; Alexa B.R. McIntyre; Nandan S. Gokhale; Leandro Cerchietti; Stacy M. Horner
  • Signal analysis of nanopore RNA sequencing to interrogate poly(A) tails and post-transcriptional modifications
    Roham Razaghi
  • Signal analysis of nanopore RNA sequencing to interrogate poly(A) tails and post-transcriptional modifications
    Roham Razaghi
Room 214D
Benjamin Orsburn , Brett Phinney , Birgit Schilling
  • Can you deal with sample and experimental diversity in a Proteomics Core while being nimble and efficient? Answer= Not really
    Brett S. Phinney
  • Implementation and application of data-independent acquisition workflows in a mass spectrometry facility.
    Birgit Schilling
Room 212AB
Tom Colella, Nicholas Ambulos, Eric Chow, William Russell, Michael Zwick
  • Multi-Institutional Core Collaborations
    Tom Colella, Nicholas P. Ambulos, Eric Chow, William Russell, Michael E. Zwick
Hall 4A
Room 214ABC
Chris Dillon
  • Understanding the Science of Branding When Branding for Science
    Chris Dillon
Hall 4A
Room 213AB
Kristopher Kubow , Nicolas Loof
  • Accuracy and reproducibility of image segmentation by microscopist end-users using widely accessible programs
    Kristopher E. Kubow
  • FCRG - Fixation and Sorting for RNA
    Nicolas Loof, Abshari Mehrnoosh, Alan Bergeron, Alan Saluk, Andrew Box, Kathleen Brundage, Dave Adams, Karen Dwyer, Ernest Meyer, Matthew Cochran, Laura Holmes, Nancy Fisher, Zachary Niziolek, Peter Lopez, Regina Harley, Roxana Del Rio Guerra, Sherry Thornton
Room 214ABC
John Aston, Jessica Podnar
  • Single-cell Genomics: Best practices and new insights.
    John M. Ashton
  • Cross Site Evaluation of Sanger Sequencing Dye Chemistries
    Jessica W. Podnar, Fred W. Kolling, Molly J. Zeller, Yanping Zhang, Jyothi Thimmapuram, Yuriy O. Alekseyev, Alex Deiulio, Jeremy Niece, Heather Deiderick, Jun Fan, Xiaoling Xuei, Lorena Pantano, Stuart S. Levine, Zachary T. Herbert, Marie Adams, Jan Kieleczawa, Jan Kieleczawa
Room 212AB
Andrew Chitty , Chris Dillon, Ken Schoppmann
  • The Future of ABRF: Strategic Planning and Branding
    Andrew Chitty
Room 214D
Joanna Kirkpatrick, Yan Wang, Darryl Davis, Benjamin Orsburn , Alex Campos, Lindsay Lozeau, Rachel Friedman Ohana
  • Chemical Proteomic Strategy Utilizing a Chloroalkane Capture Tag for Target Discovery
    Rachel Ohana
Room 212AB
Amanda (Nicole) White, Caleb Smith, Vaughn Hinrichs, Jeanne Hunter, Kelsey Rosell, Katherine Hale
Room 213AB
Alex Valm, Cynthia McMurray, Meredith Calvert
  • Systems imaging to reveal the eukaryotic organelle interactome and oral microbiome structure and assembly
    Alex Valm
  • Spectral Phenotyping
    Cynthia McMurray
Room 214ABC
Daniela Bezdan , Kym Delventhal, Stephen Jackson
  • Distribution of microbial communities and antimicrobial resistances in urban environments and on the ISS space station
    Daniela Bezdan, David Danko, Christopher E. Mason
  • Platinum Sponsor Talk: Genetic Analysis Tools for Genome Editing Workflows
    Stephen Jackson
  • Reproducibility of indel formation rates by comparing guideRNA format and delivery method
    Kym Delventhal
Hall 4A
  • (149) New Developments in Nucleic Acid Sample Quality Control
    Susanne Etteldorf
  • (137) Immuno-biotechnology and bioinformatics in Community Colleges
    Todd Smith, Sandra Porter, Dina Kovarik
  • (403) Exploring Core Facility Employee Job Satisfaction: Influence of Institutional Support and Career Development.
    A. Nicole White
  • (175) Elucidating acrylamide adverse effects on zebrafish using a multi-omics approach
    Natalia Vinas, Demetrio Raldúa, Eva Prats, Melissa Faria, Chuan-Yu Hsu, Mark A. Arick, Tamar Ziv, Arie Admon, Benjamin Piña
  • (113) ampPD – An Automated Primer Design Tool for Highly Multiplexed, Single-tube Tiled Amplicon PCR for Resequencing of Tumor Samples
    Martin Zillmann, Yue Ke, Nicholas Lodato, Melanie Prasol, Zhaohui Wang
  • (163) The Complete Microbiome Workflow: Deciphering the Secrets of the Human Microbiome for Future Diagnostic Solutions
    MADHURI JASTI, Vlassov, Alexander V
  • (307) High Sensitivity PTM Characterization in Complex Cell Lysates Using Trapped Ion Mobility
    Matthew Willetts, Shourjo Ghose, Gary Kruppa, Matthew Stokes, Charles Farnsworth, Kimberly Lee
  • (115) Analysis of Complex Microbial Samples Using High Definition Mapping
    John S. Oliver, Barrett Bready, Anthony P. Catalano, Jennifer R. Davis, Michael D. Kaiser, Jay M. Sage
  • (141) Liquid biopsy quality control – the importance of plasma quality, sample preparation, and library input for next generation sequencing analysis
    Hannah Elizabeth Saunders
  • (109) A Fluorescence-based Method for Accurate Quantification of NGS libraries in Minutes
    Ashesh A. Saraiya, Chaitali Parikh, Bin Li, Joe Don Heath
  • (171) Automating Genomic DNA Extraction from Whole Blood and Serum with GenFind V3 on the Biomek i7 Hybrid Liquid Handling System
    Randy Pares, Li Liu, Han Wei, Mary Blair
  • (317) Purification, Characterization and Cytotoxic Activity of Peptides and Proteins from Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Seeds
    Yamna Khurshid, Basir Syed, Jerika Lam , Shabana U Simjee, Aftab Ahmed
  • (131) Exploring the benefits of using commercially available pre-plated DNA-seq reagents for high throughput NGS library prep
    Shannon Piehl, Matt Carter, Josh Kinman, Kyoko Kushiro, Arvind Kothandaraman
  • (127) Enzymatic Methyl-Seq: Next Generation Methylomes
    Fiona J. Stewart, Louise Williams, V K Chaithanya Ponnaluri, Brittany Sexton, Lana Saleh, Katherine Marks, Mala Samaranayake, Laurence Ettwiller, Shengxi Guan, Heidi E. Church, Nan Dai, Esta Tamanaha, Erbay Yigit, Bradley W. Langhorst, Zhiyi Sun, Thomas C. Evans, Jr., Romualdas Vaisvila, Eileen T. Dimalanta, Theodore B. Davis
  • (211) Meta-Max:An easy to use calibration tool to maximize the value of fluorescence microscopy data
    David Grunwald, Maximiliaan Huisman, Carlas Smith
  • (311) Integrating database search and de novo sequencing for immunopeptidomics with DIA approach
    Paul Shan, Hieu Tran
  • (101) Accelerating high-throughput screening with FirePlex®-HT
    A. Perea, B. Heinrich, W. Austin, C. Rafferty, M. Camilleri, L. To, E. Atabakhsh, and D. Pregibon
  • (207) Whole organ vascular imaging with cellular resolution
    Thomas Pingel, Uwe Schröer, Friedemann Kiefer
  • (313) LipidQuan–A Plug and Play Solution for Targeted Lipid Profiling
    Suraj Dhungana, Giorgis Isaac, Nyasha Munjoma, Lee A. Gethings, Robert S. Plumb
  • (143) MagMax DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 genomic DNA purification from DBS cards on the KingFisher instrument
    Charmaine San Jose Hinahon, Luming Qu He, Xingwang Fang, Natalie Supunpong Hernandez, Angie Cheng, Emily Zeringer, Marie Gonzalez
  • (161) Streamlining DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis Using Software Containers
    Alberto Riva, J. Lucas Boatwright, Tongjun Gu, Fahong Yu, W. Brad Barbazuk
  • (167) Design, Analysis, and Validation of Error-Correcting Internal Spike-In Controls for Metagenomics
    Nick Greenfield
  • (151) QIAseq FastSelect: One-step, rapid removal of rRNA during whole transcriptome NGS library prep
    Jonathan Shaffer, Daniel Kim, Melanie Hussong, Christopher Howard, Niels Tolstrup, Samuel Rulli, Eric Lader
  • (401) Data Portal: Experiences Managing and Delivering Data to End Users at the University of Illinois at Chicago
    George E. Chlipala, Sai Shravith Reddy Marri, Amogh Venkatesh, Tim Johnson, Pinal Kanabar, Zhengdeng Lei, Kevin Kunstman, Stefan J. Green, Sonika Anand, Mark Maienschein-Cline
  • (329) Quantitative Profiling of Post-Translational Modifications in E. coli
    Charles L. Farnsworth, Jian Min Ren, Kimberly Lee, Wayne Gatlin, Justin Topp, Matthew P. Stokes
  • (205) Validation of antibody panels for high-plex immunohistochemistry applications
    Douglas Hinerfeld, Kristi Barker, Chris Merritt, Joseph Beechem
  • (305) Evaluation of different sample preparation workflows for reproducible, quantitative, and in-depth analysis of urine proteomics
    Hua Ding, Hossein Fazelinia, Lynn A. Spruce, Dana A. Weiss, Stephen A. Zderic, Steven H. Seeholzer
  • (201) Imaging in Developmental Biology: An Essential Tool with No Instructions
    Guillermo Marqués, Thomas Pengo, Mark A. Sanders
  • (323) SysMet: A Tool for Integrative Systems Metabolomics
    Mohammad R. Nezami Ranjbar, Ziling Fan, Yan Gao, Habtom Ressom
  • (107) MULTI-seq: Scalable Single-Cell RNA-seq Multiplexing Using Lipid-Tagged Indices
    Eric Chow, Christopher S McGinnis, David M Patterson, Juliane Winkler, Marco Y Hein, Vasudha Srivastava, Daniel N Conrad, Lyndsay M Murrow, Jonathan S Weissman, Zena Werb, Zev J Gartner
  • (303) Absolute Quantitation of the N-Linked Glycans from Biotheraputic IgGs
    Ron Orlando, Marla Popov, Ben Libert, Barry Boyes
  • (503) Leveraging the versatility of the chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) model as a tool in the fight against cancer.
    Hugo Villanueva, Mariana Villanueva, Sandra Francisco, Hsuan-Chen Liu, Andrew G. Sikora
  • (157) Sample quality control of cell-free DNA
    Elisa Viering
  • (121) Comprehensive structural analysis of cancer genomes by genome mapping
    Ernest T Lam
  • (203) Molecular-targeted optical coherent microscopy as an optical biopsy tool for early detection of cancer
    Will Xia, Chao Zhou
  • (173) SMART-Seq® Stranded Kit performance with ovarian cancer cells
    Luke Sherlin, Anastasia Potts, Nathalie Bolduc, Simon Lee, Magnolia Bostick, Andrew Farmer
  • (325) Maximize the output of routine proteome analyses by using micro pillar array column technology
    Geert Van Raemdonck
  • (139) Infectious Disease Metagenomics – Error Mitigation And Best Practices For The Clinical Routine Use Of Metagenomic Sequencing
    Nur A. Hasan, Huai Li, Brian Fanelli, Arne Materna, Manoj Dadlani, Rita R. Colwell
  • (309) Impact of enrichment strategy on observed expression in fresh frozen tissues
    Kratika Singhal, Rowan Matney, Fang Liu, Allis Chien, Ryan Leib
  • (177) Cross Site Evaluation of Sanger Sequencing Dye Chemistries
    Jessica W. Podnar
  • (111) A metagenomic analysis of environmental and clinical samples using a secure hybrid cloud solution
    Rachid Ounit, Chris Mason, Stefano Lonardi, Niamh O'Hara
  • (133) High throughput, reduction transcriptomics using Ultraplex RNA sequencing
    Samuel Rulli, Martin Kreutz, Qiong Jiang1, Raed Samara, Jonathan Shaffer, Eric Lader
  • (129) Evaluation of Cell Fixations for Downstream RNA Isolation
    Kathy Brundage, Mike Meyers, Dave Adams, Roxana Del Rio Guerra, Laura Holmes, Matthew Cochran, Al Saluk, Alan Bergeron, Peter Lopez, Andrew Box, Nancy Fisher, Nicolas Loof, Mehrnoosh Abshari, Sherry Thornton, Zachary Niziolek, Regina Harley
  • (179) Hierarchical model for integrative analysis of mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq data
    Rency S. Varghese, Yuan Zhou, Megan E. Barefoot, Md Islam, Mahlet G. Tadesse, Habtom Ressom
  • (315) MetaboQuan-R: A Series of Rapid, Targeted UPLC-MS/MS Methods for Metabolomics Research in a Core Laboratory
    Suraj Dhungana, Billy J. Molloy, Robert S. Plumb
  • (155) RipTide™ High Throughput NGS Library Prep for Genotyping in Populations
    Azeem Siddique, Gaia Suckow, Phillip Ordoukhanian, Steve Head, Nils Homer, Alvaro Hernandez, Keith Brown, Lior Glick, Kobi Baruch, Paul Doran
  • (301) Analysis of Human Nuclear Protein Complexes by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Profiling
    Uma Aryal, Katelyn E. Connelly, Victoria Hedrick, Tiago Jose Paschoal Sobreira, Emily C. Dykhuizen
  • (327) Preliminary Study on Protein Profiling from Raw Honey
    Umaima Akhtar, Basir Syed, Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan, Aftab Ahmed
  • (123) Deconstructed PCR: A novel method for reducing PCR bias
    Stefan J. Green, Ankur Naqib
  • (501) Evaluation of a New Gradient Elution Protein Sequencer
    Joshua Emory
  • (169) Automated Co-extraction of High-quality DNA and RNA from Single Clinical FFPE Samples
    Hamid Khoja, Sean T. Glenn, Martina Werner, Patrick McCarthy, Jon Andreas, Jeffrey Conroy, Jim Laugharn
  • (153) Raw Signal Analysis of Low Coverage Oxford Nanopore Reads Produces Highly Accurate Clinically Relevant Genotypes
    Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Marcus Stoiber, Melissa delaBastide, Tim Massingham, Sara Goodwin, Shridar Ganesan
  • (159) Simple and scalable genome analysis with Transposase Enzyme Linked Long-read Sequencing (TELL-Seq): from haplotype phasing to de novo assembly in a tube
    Ming Lei1, Long Pham1, Donna Wu1, Qingpeng Zhang1, Yu Xia1, Tan Phan2, Tuan Tran2, Son Pham2, Yong Wang1, Tom Chen1
  • (105) Genotyping by sequencing of Canis familiaris using iGenomX RipTide DNA library preparation
    Azeem Siddique, Gaia Suckow, Nils Homer, Alvaro Hernandez, Phillip Ordoukhanian, Steve Head, Keith Brown, Joe Pickrell, Matt Huentelman
  • (165) Genomic and RNA Profiling Core (GARP)
    Rene Stalnaker, Sukhinder Sandhu, Ornella Pavel Tuekam, Md Habibul Islam, Lisa D. White, Daniel C. Kraushaar
  • (117) Automation of IDT probe-based targeted enrichment workflow using xGen® Lockdown Probes in a high-throughput lab
    Jessica Gearhart, Beth Marosy, Brian Craig, Kim Doheny
  • (119) Comparison of three libraries for 10x Genomics single cell immune TCR repertoire profiling
    Yunxin Chen, David P. Pollock, Yuan Qi, Jin Seon lm, Xiaoping Su, Erika J. Thompson
  • (145) Multiplex miRNA Profiling for Biomarker Discovery and Verification Studies Using the FirePlex® Platform
    M. Tackett, B. Heinrich, I. Diwan, G. Tejada, C. Rafferty, E. Atabakhsh, and D. Pregibon
Monday 25th
Room 214ABC
Erika Holzbaur, PhD
Room 214ABC
Kasthuri Venkateswaran, Josh Quick, Robyn A. Barbato, Ken Mcgrath, John Oliver
  • Understanding Permafrost Dynamics Using Metagenomics and Systems Biology
    Robyn A. Barbato
  • Microbes in Space
    Kasthuri Venkateswaran
  • Ultra-long read nanopore sequencing methods for metagenomics
    Josh Quick
  • Finding NEMO: discovering Novel Endemic Micro-Organisms in the gut microbiome using a genome-centric metagenomics analysis
    Ken McGrath
  • Combining high resolution whole genome mapping with long read DNA sequencing for microbial genome assembly
    John Oliver
Room 214D
Ryan Kelly, Christina Ferreira, Jared Burks, Christopher Anderton
  • Mass Cytometry Why Multiplex
    Jared K. Burks
  • Desorption Electrospray Ionization – Mass Spectrometry Imaging: Recent Developments and Perspectives
    Christina Ferreira, Clint M. Alfaro, Valentina Pirro, R. Graham Cooks
  • Single cell proteome mapping of tissue heterogeneity using microfluidic nanodroplet sample processing and ultrasensitive LC-MS
    Ryan Kelly, Ying Zhu, Yiran Liang, Yongzheng Cong, Paul Piehowski, Maowei Dou, Rui Zhao, Wei-Jun Qian, Kristin Burnum-Johnson, Charles Ansong
Room 212AB
Laura Lewis-Tuffin, Robert Burgoyne, Heather Brewer, Paul Schwartz, Todd Smith
  • Mentoring approaches in varied professional environments
    Laura Lewis-Tuffin
Hall 4A
Room 214D
Parastoo Azadi , Nicola L. Pohl, Nathan Edwards
  • Emerging Technologies to Bring Glycoproteomics Within Reach
    Douglas M. Sheeley, Parastoo Azadi, Nicola L. Pohl
Room 213AB
Rusty Nicovich, Marcel Müller
  • SIM data acquisition and processing for fast live-cell imaging
    Marcel Müller
  • Single molecule localization microscopy for quantitative biology
    Rusty Nicovich
Room 214ABC
Michael Collingwood, C.B. Gurumuthy, Shondra Miller
  • Engineered AsCas12a variants with enhanced activity and broadened PAM compatibility
    Michael A. Collingwood, Christopher A. Vakulskas, Liyang Zhang, Rolf Turk, Nicole M. Bode, Ashley M. Jacobi, Matthew S. McNeill, Kyle McQuisten, Bernice Thommandru, and Mark A. Behlke
  • Genome Editing Session: Trends and core functions for CRISPR-directed gene editing
    Eric B. Kmiec
Room 212AB
Sheenah Mische, Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, Phil Wirdzek
  • Pathways to Laboratory Sustainability: Green Lab Program, International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) and BETR Grants
    Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar(1), Phil Wridzek (2), Sheenah Mische (3)
Hall 4A
  • (120) Comprehensive Detection of Germline and Somatic Structural Mutation in Cancer Genomes by Bionano Genomics Optical Mapping
    A.W.C. Pang, J. Lee, T. Anantharaman, E.T. Lam, A. Hastie, M. Borodkin
  • (136) High-Throughput, Low Volume gDNA Extraction from Whole Blood Enabled by Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) and oneTUBE-10
    Lauren Jansen , Vanessa Process, Kristopher Amirault, Sean Gerrin, Ulrich Thomann
  • (200) Automated single cell tracking of in vitro multi-cellular morphogenesis predicts pluripotent stem cell fate decisions
    David Joy, Ashley Libby, Todd McDevitt
  • (404) Research Resource Identifiers (RRID) for Core Facilities and Research Equipment
    Claudius Mundoma, Nicholas Ruhs, Michael Meth, Annie Glerum, Mark Lopez, Renaine Julian
    Arnaud ROYON
  • (134) High-throughput and automated procedures for microbiome analysis of stool and soil
    Dominic O'Neil, Helena Block, Doerte Lehmann, Silvia Magyar, Nicola Scholle, Stefanie Schroeer, Markus Spreger-Haussels
  • (302) A Rapid and Simple Proteomics Digestion Protocol
    Shreya Ahuja, Zhiyun Cao, Amber Henry, Judy Boland, Nicolas Caffarelli, Jeffrey Turner, and Kevin Ray
  • (324) Spatial Mapping of Lipids and Neurotransmitters in Rat Brain Section Using DESI Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
    Roy Martin, Anthony Midey, Hernando Olivos, Bindesh Shrestha, Emmanuelle Claude
  • (144) Miniaturized automated PCR setup
    Issa Isaac, Chris A Waddling, David J Onley, David M Lathlean
  • (150) NGS DreamPrepTM: A fully automated NGS library preparation solution from sample to quantified, pooled, and sequence-ready libraries
    Joe Don Heath, Michael Benway, Enrique Neumann, KD Modi
  • (148) Multi-site Evaluation of Next-Generation Sequencing Methods for Small RNA Quantification
    Zachary T. Herbert, Jyothi Thimmapuram, Shaojun Xie, Jamie P. Kershner, Fred W. Kolling, Yuriy O. Alekseyev, Jessica W. Podnar, Yanping Zhang, Xiaoling Xue, Marie Adams, Stuart S. Levine
  • (176) Automated library preparation for the MCI Advantage Cancer Panel at Miami Cancer Institute utilizing the Beckman Coulter Biomek i5 Span-8 liquid handler
    Q. Wei, W. Shen, A. Medellin, Zach Smith
  • (156) RipTide™ Ultra High-Throughput Rapid DNA Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing
    Azeem Siddique, Gaia Suckow, Jorge Bahena, Nils Homer, Phillip Ordoukhanian, Steve Head, Keith Brown
  • (102) Detecting Genomic DNA Contamination in RNA Samples Using the Bio-Rad Droplet Digital PCR System
    Yanping Zhang, Alex Deiulio, Masum Akond and Steve Madore
  • (210) cellPhoresis: A dielectrophoresis based technique for rapid, nondestructive cell separation and analysis.
    Aytug Gencoglu, Shannon Huey, Claire Crowther, Mark Hayes, David Charlot
  • (178) MULTI-seq: Scalable Sample Multiplexing for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing using Lipid-Tagged Indices
    Eric Chow
  • (314) Mass spectral Analysis of acetylated peptides: Implications in proteomics
    Medicharla V. Jagannadham, Deepika Chandra, Pratapa Gayathri, R. Nagaraj
  • (130) Evaluation of commercially available 16S metagenomics kits
    David Moraga Amador, Yanping Zhang, Fahong Yu, Nedka Panayotova, Wayra Navia, Xiao Hui Zhou, Masum Akond, Alex Deiulio and Eric Triplet
  • (322) MetaboQuest: Tool for Metabolite Identification
    Mohammad R. Nezami Ranjbar, Linge Yan, Yan Gao, Habtom W. Ressom
  • (164) Whole Genome Sequencing of Microbial Communities for Scaling Microbiome and Metagenomic Studies
    Jefferson Lai, Scott Hutto, John Lesnick
  • (124) Depletion of Abundant RNAs in Eukaryote, Blood Samples, and Bacteria Increases Sensitivity of Next Generation Sequencing-Based Transcriptome Profiling
    Melissa Arn, Deyra N. Rodríguez, Keerthana Krishnan, Daniela B. Munafó, Bradley W. Langhorst, Jian Sun, Brittany Sexton, Anetta Nowosielska-Vecchietti, Timur Shtatland, Christine J. Sumner, Fiona J. Stewart, Eileen T. Dimalanta and Theodore B. Davis
  • (138) Impact of fecal microbiome extraction technique on relative abundance of genera within expected and unexpected communities
    Samantha Chill, Emily Vogtman, Christian Abnet, Rashmi Sinha, Belynda Hicks, Kristine Jones, Amy Hutchinson, Casey Dagnall
  • (142) Long fragments achieve lower base quality in Illumina paired-end sequencing
    Lennart Opitz, Ge Tan, Catharine Aquino, Ralph Schlapbach, Hubert Rehrauer
  • (116) Automated genomic DNA extraction from large volume whole blood
    Han Wei, Randy Pares, Li Liu, Mary Blair
  • (108) A 12 minute, single tube, nanogram input library prep
    Joseph Dunham PhD, Christopher Angermayer, Timothy Harkins PhD
  • (174) Keanu: a novel visualization tool to explore biodiversity in metagenomes
    Natàlia Vinas, Adam Thrash, Mark Arick II, Robert Jones, Thomas Douglas, Edward Perkins
  • (110) A Low DNA Input Protocol for High-quality PacBio De Novo Genome Assemblies
    Turner Duncan, Sarah B. Kingan, Christine C. Lambert, Primo Baybayan, Jonas Korlach
  • (158) Sequencing complex genomes with PromethION technology in a core setting
    Sara Goodwin , W. Richard McCombie
  • (402) Delivering greater value by operating core facilities under a quality management system.
    Julie Rothacker, Mahyar Nasabi, Shane Reeve, Ian Smith
  • (304) Characterization and cytotoxic activity of Non-Specific Lipid Transfer Protein (NsLTP) from Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) seeds
    Mekdes Megeressa, Yamna Khurshid, and Aftab Ahmed.
  • (152) QIAseq multimodal analytical technology: Single workflow DNA/RNA NGS library prep and analysis
    Qiong Jiang, Quan Peng, Daniel Kim, Geoff Wilt, Mohammad Ranjbar, John DiCarlo, Krishna Amin, Raed Samara, Yexun Wang, Jonathan Shaffer, Eric Lader
  • (106) High-Throughput, High MW DNA Extraction and Size Selection for Long-Read Sequencing
    Kelvin Liu, Jeffrey Burke, Duncan Kilburn, Renee Fedak, Michelle Kim, Heather Ferrao, Brendan Galvin, Keith Bjornson, Rachael Workman, Norah Hilger, Winston Timp
  • (170) Automated Unbiased Metagenomic DNA Extraction for Long-Read Sequencing
    Joshua Tjokrosurjo, Angel Gonzalez, Kevin Lin, Shuiquan Tang, Xi Yu Jia
  • (312) Let it brie: Using the non-destructive SepQuant dropletProbe sampling system to analyze the free amino acid content of various cheeses
    Sloane Tilley, Vilmos Kertez
  • (128) Evaluating Next Generation Sequencing library quantification methods
    Ryan Lynch (1), Heidi Munger (1), Chia-Lin Wei (2)
  • (122) Core Analysis Viewer: Simplifying Omics Data Delivery, Training, and Interpretation
    Shawn W. Polson, Longqian Zheng, Jaysheel D. Bhavsar
  • (206) Integration and validation of RNA ISH, multispectral imaging and analysis protocols into a Core environment
    Shanmugapriya Selvaraj, Valeria Mezzano, Branka Dabovic, Cindy Loomis
  • (400) Adoption of Evaluation and Assessment Data Management Tools for a Growing Core Facility with Program Grants
    Diane B. Smith, Barbara J. Jibben, Tracy L. Yarnell, Julia T. Oxford
  • (104) End-to-end next-generation sequencing for strain sub-typing and epidemiological analysis: an exploration of relatedness and virulence in Streptococcus pyogenes and SDSE
    Nur A. Hasan, Huai Li, Brian Fanelli, Manoj Dadlani, Arne Materna, Kelly Moffat, Rita R. Colwell
  • (310) Incorporating In-Source Fragments Improves Metabolite Identification Accuracy in Untargeted LC−MS and LC−MS/MS Datasets.
    Brian C. Searle, Jacob C. Lippincott, Phillip M. Seitzer
    Christopher Lemke, M. Zulfiquer Hossain, Joseph Frangipane, Karen Juntunen, Tom Russell
  • (316) Purification and Characterization of Proteins and Peptides from Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Seeds
    Mahshid Amini, Yamna Khurshid, Mekdes Megeressa, Sherif Elshahawi, and Aftab Ahmed
  • (114) An Unbiased Comparison of BigDye Terminator and BrilliantDye Terminator
    Petros, C.M., Walls, D.M., Munger, H.J., Wei, C-L
  • (112) A Robust, Streamlined, Enzyme-based DNA Library Preparation Method Amenable to a Wide Range of DNA Inputs
    Amanda Hoppers, Lynne Apone, Vaishnavi Panchapakesa, Karen McKay, Pingfang Liu, Chen Song, Christine Sumner, Christine Rozzi, Melissa Arn, Jonathan Sanford, Bradley W. Langhorst, Timur Shtatland, Fiona J. Stewart, Daniela Munafo, Eileen T. Dimalanta, Theodore B. Davis
  • (208) Neuroprotective roles of fractalkine in multiple sclerosis: Characterization of novel humanized animal model
    Sandra M. Cardona, Sangwon V. Kim, Kaira A. Church, Vanessa O. Torres, Ian A. Cleary, Andrew S. Mendiola, Stephen P. Saville, Stephanie S. Watowich, Jan Parker-Thornburg, Alejandro Soto- Ospina, Pedronel Araque, Richard M. Ransohoff, Astrid E. Cardona
  • (140) Linking the Resistome to the Microbiome: A Culture-Free Method Links Plasmid, Virus, and Antimicrobial Resistance Genes to their Hosts in Complex Microbial Populations
    Ivan Liachko, Maximilian Press, Thibault Stalder, Derek Bickhart, Sergey Koren, Eva Top, Adam Phillippy, Timothy Smith, Shawn Sullivan
  • (308) High throughput profiling of glycans released from therapeutic glycoproteins via micro-permethylation.
    Asif Shajahan, Nitin T Supekar, Christian Heiss, Parastoo Azadi
  • (162) Supporting Single Cell RNA-seq Analysis at Harvard - A Community Approach
    Shannan Ho Sui, Rory Kirchner, Michael Steinbaugh, Sarah Boswell, Mary Piper, Victor Barrera, Lorena Pantano, Radhika Khetani, Meeta Mistry, Kayleigh Rutherford, John Hutchinson
  • (160) Streamlined SMRTbell® library generation using addition-only, single tube strategy for all library types reduces time to results.
    Jenny Ekholm
  • (306) Flash Oxidation (FOX): A New and Improved Platform for Biopharmaceutical Hydroxyl Radical Protein Foot-printing Higher Order Structural Analysis
    Ron Orlando, Scot Weinberger, Josh Sharp
  • (300) ABRF-sPRG 2018-2019: Development and Characterization of a Stable-Isotope Labeled Phosphopeptide Standard
    Anthony Herren, Brian Searle, David Hawke, Kimberly Lee, Antonius Koller, Ryan Leib, Brett Phinney, Allis Chien, Bhavin Patel
  • (166) Simultaneously DNA and RNA extraction from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue
    Han Wei, Zach Smith, Jung Doh , Jimmy Adediran
  • (126) Echo® System-Enhanced SMART-Seq v2 for RNASeq Applications
    Jefferson Lai, Scott Hutto, John Lesnick
  • (154) Reproducibility of indel formation rates by comparing guideRNA format and delivery method
    Kym Delventhal, Brandon Miller, Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, Shirin Modarai, Shaina N. Porter, Maureen R. Regan, Elizabeth Sergison
  • (318) Total Solubilization of FFPE Samples for High-Throughput Clinical Proteomics in One Step
    John P. Wilson, Ilyana Ilieva, Darryl J. Pappin, John B. Wojcik
  • (202) K-means Spectral Unmixing for Multi-channel Imaging and Image Analysis Platform at a Core Facility
    Yurong Gao, Tristan McRae
  • (132) Generating Standards for Epigenetics Research: The FDA’s Working Group on Epigenome Quality Control (EpiQC)
    Claudia Lalancette, Jonathan Foox, Bradley W. Langhorst, Louise Williams, Chaithanya Ponnaluri, Daniel Butler, John M. Greally, Masako Suzuki, Michelle Lacey, Ting Gong, Youping Deng, Mark Menor, Masaki Nasu, Altuna Akalin, Andreas Scherer, Stephen Bruinsma, Gosia Golda, Pawel Labaj, Frank Wos, Jessica Nordlund, Amanda Raine, Ulrika Liljedahl, Tomas Axelsson, Charles Wang, Agata Muszynska, Inmaculada Ibáñez de Cáceres, Carlos Rodriguez-Antolin, Rocio Rosas, John (Zhong) Chen, Justin Wade Davis, Jennifer Ishii, Dalila B. Megherbi, Wenming Xiao, Zhaowei Yang, Jing Li, Will Liao, Christopher E. Mason
  • (118) Bead-Linked Transposome Technology: Ushers a Next Era in library prep enabling a normalization-free workflow for whole genome and flexible targeted resequencing
    Anu Khanna, Steve Bruinsma, Joshua Burgess, Agata Czyz, Natalie Morrell, Daniel Schlingman, Katie Ballenger, Heather Meinholz, Lindsay Freeberg, Haiying Grunenwald, Niall Gormley, Gourab Bhattacharjee, Gary P Schroth
  • (172) Next Generation Whole-Genome Amplification Methods
    Luke Sherlin, Greyson King, Julie Laliberte, Emmanuel Kamberov, Andrew Farmer
Room 212AB
Mary Winn, Amanda (Nicole) White, Sheenah Mische
  • Leadership in Science
    A. Nicole White, Sheenah Mische, Mary WInn
Room 214ABC
Scott Tighe, Scott Jackson, Jonathan Foox, Olivia Koues
  • The MOSAIC Standards Challenge: Capturing the extent and sources of variability in NGS-based microbiome profiling protocols and analyses
    Scott Jackson
  • Metagenomics Research Group Study: Characterizing The Whole Cell Microbial Reference Standard using RNA and DNA-Sequencing
    Scott Tighe
  • A Multi-Platform Assessment of DNA Sequencing Reproducibility using Human and Bacterial Genomes
    Jonathan Foox
Room 214D
Emily Chen, Ian Lienert, Andre Leblanc
  • From Precision Proteomics To Precision Medicine
    Emily I. Chen, Ian Lienert, Nicolai Bache , André LeBlanc
Room 214ABC
Susan Meyn, Stephan Uebel, Ian Sullivan
  • Developing an action plan using results from the Committee on Core Rigor and Reproducibility (CCoRRe) Survey
    Susan Meyn
  • Quality control of purified proteins to improve research data reproducibility
    Stephan Uebel (1), Ario de Marco (2), Nick Berrow (3), Mario Lebendiker (4), Maria Garcia-Alai (5), Stefan H. Knauer (6), Blanca Lopez-Mendez (7), André Matagne (8), Annabel Parret (9), Kim Remans (10), Bertrand Raynal (11)
  • Reproducibility as a value-add
    Ian Sullivan
Tuesday 26th
Room 214ABC
Kevin Schey
Room 214ABC
Jim Musser, Sheenah Mische
  • FASEB 2019: Current Topics in Science Advocacy and Policy
    James M. Musser
Room 214D
Sheena D'Arcy, Sophie Harvey, Michael Marty
  • Native mass spectrometry for the study of membrane proteins
    Sophie R Harvey, Wendy White, Kevin L Schey, Vicki H Wysocki
  • Navigating the strait between efficiency and quality in a mass spectrometry facility
    Ben Orsburn, Conor Jenkins
  • Measuring the stoichiometry of antimicrobial peptides in nanodiscs with native mass spectrometry
    Michael Marty, Lawrence Walker, Elaine Marzluff
  • Quantifying the Dynamics of L-Kynureninase Orthologs during Catalysis using HDX-MS
    Sheena D'Arcy, Christos S. Karamitros, Everett Stone, George Georgiou, Kyle Murray
Room 214ABC
Emilio Yángüez, Fernando Biase, Fan Gao, Luke Sherlin
  • Transcriptome profiling of cell lineage at single cell resolution with Rainbow-Seq
    Fernando Biase
  • The BUS format for single-cell RNA-seq processing and analysis
    Fan Gao, Eduardo da Veiga Beltrame, Jase A. Gehring, Kristján E. Edljarn Hjoerleifsson, Lambda Lu, Páll Melsted , Vasilis Ntranos, Lior Pachter, Valentine Svensson
  • Combination of scRNA-seq strategies to untangle complex cell populations
    Emilio Yángüez
Room 212AB
Linnea Fletcher, Tyler Drake, Abbe Kesterson, Todd Smith, Thomas C Tubon
  • Community colleges: the new frontier for advanced biotechnology education and laboratory services.
    Todd Smith, Linnea Fletcher , Abbe Kesterson, Tyler Drake, Thomas Tubon
Room 213AB
Reto Fiolka
  • Light-sheet microscopy with isotropic, subcellular 3D resolution
    Reto Fiolka
Hall 4A
Room 212AB
Heather Richards, Michael Freitas, Carol Lynn Curchoe
  • Equipment Grants: It's All in the Details
    Heather Richards
Room 214ABC
Room 214ABC
The LDR & Grotto